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Contoh Makalah

Hasan Karman paper entitled 'Overview of Malays: Origins and history' into a warm conversation Singkawang society, because there are excerpts from the book Chinese Democracies A Study Of The West Of Borneo Kongsis Yuan Bingling essay.

One of the paragraphs cited in essence states that historically Malays do trade and piracy. These words can not be accepted by some circles, especially from the Malays.

In response, the Head of National Unity, Politics and Public Protection (Kesbangpolinmas) Libertus Singkawang Ahie met in his office to explain, if you see the article in the paper, it is true based on the book by Yuan Bingling. "Of course many people who do not understand, because this work is not separated ilmiyah from history that we must accept," he said, accompanied by Secretary of the Board Kesbangpolinmas Singkawang, Elmin.

Libertus exemplifies her ethnic Dayaks. This tribe consists of 336 sub-tribe of the Dayaks, which in its history before Islam and Christianity developed, there is a culture called headhunting. So also memumculkan designation as a cannibal tribe. "That's past history which can not be denied. But in 1776, Dayak tribes gathered and there is already a religion. They agreed to no longer eat humans, "he explained.

When associated with the papers written during the event Hasan Karman Fiqh Book Malays Singkawang dated August 26, 2008 and then, of course not written carelessly made. It must be firmly Libertus, there are footnotes. "If you compile a book, there are things that should not be forgotten," he asserted.

Singkawang DAD Advisory Board continued, past history as written in the book Chinese Yuan Bingling Democracies work on which the Hasan Karman was clear. In this book written in what is called Hasan Karman in his paper. This book is only in the Netherlands, including some notes about the gold miners, peasants and miners district of China. "Obviously at that time no problem. We wondered why lately some people back and did not receive raises when the Malays say pirates. What is clear is past history, together with the Dayak people always say to eat, and the Malays are no longer like that now, "he said.

According to him, this should be clarified. Do not make a riot occurred only because of Hasan Karman writing. "If we continue like this who is able to build Singkawang. The city is not quite built only with the budget, but need a third party or investors. Could not be a regional leader able to build a region with the budget, but how they want to build if we fuss just by writing this small, "he said.

Elmin who is also Chairman of the Youth Forum Melayu (FKPM) Singkawang replied, he was also included in the Committee Fiqh Book Malays. Several times he had explained the event digelarnya backgrounds, both in attendance at the Home Office of the Mayor Singkawang dated May 11 last, and in the second meeting at the Hotel Sentosa.

At that time, he organized as Chairman FKPM Singkawang Fiqh Book H Baidillah Biyadi Melayu essay. The mayor then asked to open the event and provide guidance. Activities attended by more or less the 70s people from Singbebas (Singkawang, Bengkayang and Sambas). "The present moment there are community leaders, academics and teachers, because these activities in collaboration with the Department of Education and also a student STIT. The book that dissected associated with Islamic law in Aceh as the origins of Islam in Indonesia. Until now, my absence was also still holding, "he explained.

In addition to opening ceremony, well-intentioned Hasan Karman flashbacks to tell the Malays and their history in a paper. Nat was received and responded to community leaders at that time positively. "After that we focus on the book review show, no story again and finished the problem, because we focus on the book review, and it was considered only an additional event alone," he explained.

Do not know why he said, after two years and then circulated the news of ketersinggungan certain parties to the papers that made Hasan Karman. And on May 11 last, Hasan Karman summon the relevant parties to clarify the book. Indeed, according to Hasan Karman, the source of that paper he quotes from the book written by Yuan Bingling entitled 'Chinese Democracies'. Indeed the book in English, and after the translation does contain those words, and then poured in the paper.

At the time of the meeting in the House of Mayors, this has also been described. OKP Students attended the meeting accompanied by the head Kesbangpolinmas Pancasila, Forum Melayu, DAD, MABT and one of the NGO and local government Public Relations Section Singkawang. Hasan Karman then return the paper to presentation the same as when the event last tahun2008 book review. "But at that time the media were excluded. Such is progress. We as an executive committee, if any ketersinggungan we apologize, "he said.

Events held asserted, all based on good intentions for us all. He asks for this event do not be politicized by the parties concerned to disturb the atmosphere. "Who the fuck will be faced with FKPM including DAD. But if it wants to refine and clarify its nature it does not matter, the important thing is not no political interests. We keep promoting our ideology, namely Pancasila. Where is the fourth principle to solve the problems mentioned by way of deliberation and consensus, "said Elmin.

Kesbangpolinmas also questioned why after two years of surgery performed book suddenly appeared this case. "I'm sure there are elements that disturb the atmosphere, wanted to test the number one and there are political overtones. There are certain people who are dissatisfied with the leadership of Hasan Karman. I am as a person more happy Singkwang three pillars of the tribe, namely Malays, Dayaks and the Tionghoas can Singkawang compact in build, "said Libertus.

On the same occasion, the Chairman of the Youth Care Forum Singkawang Aminuddin, who initiated meetings between ethnic, Saturday (15 / 5) and then at the Hotel Sentosa Singkawang explains, her role is to find a solution or a middle way to resolve this problem. Academically they are very understanding with Hasan Karman writing in the paper, it's just that this opinion is widespread in the lower ranks, so must the-counter and clarified in order to avoid the things that are not desired. "After hearing from Hasan Karman, we agreed that this makes no problem," he said.

Besides, who was accompanied by his secretary Aminuddin Robby is also concerned the paper will be politicized by certain parties to Singkawang socially divisive. "Of the two meetings, got on well and we agree this problem is not the problem but personnya mayor, ie Hasan Karman and no political elements in it, 'he concluded.

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